Hrotgar: The main protagonist of the story. An old warrior, who has become a legend after ending the great war with the Silari empire by killing the high god he had sworn to follow.

Thurinn: A troll berserker who has served the Silari empire as mercenary for years. Now the rumors about a new great war have dragged her back to her old home-lands in the north. For Thurinn, life is simple: As long as there are chances for sex, battle or both, she’s happy.



Alere, goddess of war and death is the first target on Hrotgar’s divine hit-list. As the youngest deity in the Northern Pantheon of High-gods, she attained her position by killing her sister, Irkana, goddess of death. Irkana’s soul is captured inside Alere’s sword, and allows her to control and command the dead.

After the great northern war, Alere was the only deity accepted to be part of the imperial pantheon of the Silari empire, since many of the imperial Legionaries started worshiping the war-like goddess. Even though her position is secure, Alere dislikes her position as just one more War-god of the empire, and is plotting with the rest of the Northern gods to bring about the downfall of the Silari rule.

Her temple is situated in Vendero, the provincial capital of Rhinan Woodlands.