In a dark fantasy world where gods become flesh walk the lands, their feuds often fetch a terrible toll among their mortal worshippers. After one of these long and brutal wars between two realms and their respective deities, a mortal warrior rises to challenge the rule of his divine masters, slaying the god he had vowed his soul to. This leads to a blood-feud of epic scale. Gods seek vengeance and mortals get dragged to the maelstrom of a new war. In the midst of it the warrior faces an impossible task: to save his people and his own soul, he must hunt down and kill all the High Gods, or die trying.

God-killer is the brain-child of Tuomas Myllylä, a Finnish comic artist who has entertained readers in his home-country for 10 years with several comic albums. Most of his work dwell in the history of Viking age and early medieval Europe, and he is best known for his monumental project taking place in Viking age-Finland and eastern Europe: Pagans. The story of the house of Halikko is so far 440 pages long and divided in six albums. When talking about Vikings and bloody stories of vengeance, Tuomas is well-experienced.

The north: The human-inhabited area of the northern continent of Alwoerin. Once divided to several warring kingdoms, the whole area is now a protectorate for the Silari empire, which conquered the land during the great northern war a decade earlier.