The northern pantheon

Here’s the earlier page of God-killer without added texts. For those interested, here is the rest of the northern pantheon, minor gods excluded:
From the left: Kell, god of the hunt, and as a later addition, farming. He’s one of the oldest and wildest of the gods, who revels in bloody sacrifices and orgies of violence. If there is one thing he hates, it’s civilization. He joined this divine alliance in hopes that e could turn back the clock and make the north like it was: A savage place filled with anarchy and chaos.

Marina, the all-mother. Once the wife of the highest god, Skansir, who was slain ten years ago by Hrotgar the god-killer, is now the official leader of the pantheon, she’s the goddess of fertility, leader of the rebellion, and she has grand plans for the north. Contradicting Kell’s dreams, she wants to build a strong northern kingdom, united under one king with laws and state religion. She has seen what the Silari empire was able to achieve, and hungers the same. These plans are of course still secret, shared with only her closest allies.

Balog, father of the giants. He’s probably older than anyone in the north. He can still remember the old days, when he and his sons fought the old gods of the sea and land. Even though the old rage still burns deep inside him, the long years of existence have also given him time to think . He shares a common dream with Marina, a dream about unified and strong north. With his sons, although few in number, he represents the mightiest military power among the rebel armies.

Ella: Goddess of foresight and witch-craft, is wife to Kell, and the two deities are often worshiped as one: The Couple. With her all-seeing eye, Ella is in charge of the intelligence of the rebellion, although often it’s a bit hard to understand what she says. With Kell, she wants to see the north returned to it’s original state, and even though the war has only begun, these two different views about the goals of their effort have already started to divide the alliance.

The crowned human is Oderic of Velaria, and he’s no god at all. He’s the only heir of the royal houses of north, since during the last war Silari killed everyone with royal blood in their veins. Now he’s proclaimed as the king of the northeners, even though he’s a mere puppet in the hands of the gods. He’s also part of Marina’s plans for the future of north, and deep in his mind he harbours ambitions far above his skills.

This uneasy alliance now fights a war against the greatest military power of the known world, which, although weakened because the ongoing civil war, is not known for it’s leniency against rebellions. Only one thing is certain: This is going to get bloody.

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